SHAKE: MIX 027 – Dev/Null

SHAKE: MIX 027 – Dev/Null

This set is an example of what I’ve been trying to accomplish lately as a resident at Shake: reconciling my more full-on musical background (jungle,hardcore,peak time crazy club and 90’s house/techno), with my idea of what constitutes a good opening set for the party. There’s still loads of tracks that are fun, weird, energetic, obscure, and which speak to my unique taste. But they also hopefully won’t melt any early club-goer’s face off at 10:15pm, or totally overstep the next DJ’s energy level.

These tunes were first played back in May at Shake!, then recorded down the next afternoon at MMMMaven HQ, in one go. It’s my first 3 CDJ mix ever, so I tried to use that extra CDJ for plenty of extended 2 and 3 track blends: both “mashup” style (a couple popular radio jams blended with crazy tracks), and subtler mixes weaving three somewhat different style tunes in and out without it sounding too obvious or messy.

– Dev/Null (Pete)

Catch Dev/Null along with a stacked lineup including Manara and Asmara on Friday, August 10 at Good Life in Boston!